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Natives of Boynton Beach, FL, Hard Copy first came to prominence in 2000, when they began rapping at nightclubs in Palm Beach County, FL. The three members that originally formed Hard Copy included Jermaine Haywood (aka Drastik), Trimaine Haywood (aka Soulja Raw), and Tony Harvey (aka Gutta Jig). Hard Copy was co-founded by Terrance Shelton (a.k.a T-Felony) who could clearly see the strong talents that the three young men possessed, so he took action, and not much time had passed before recording was underway. In 2001 at only 16 years of age Hard Copy started recording their first album, "Unborn Killas" with the help of producer Robert D Guertin at Sound Great Production. A year later in 2002 horrible news was delivered to the boys. Co-founder/rap artist T-Felony was incarcerated. This news could not come at a worse time because Hard Copy was on top, selling out shows, and had a growing fan base. Unfortunately the sudden event caused Hard Copy to endure a major setback, and forced the group to stop recording temporarily because of financial hardship. Hard Copy was so discouraged that they decided to hang up the mic and focus on attending college to pursue a higher education. Despite all of the bad circumstances, they overcame it all in 2008 and continued their journey to the top of the hip-hop/rap world. Their second album, "Life of a Felon" was released on June 20, 2008 which was featured and produced by J Roc with Hard Hat Production. Their album includes hits such as "Life of a Felon" and "Lock Down". In 2012 Hard Copy member Gutta Jig decided to follow Christ and pursue his music on a different path, that path was gospel rap. Even though the three had a unique sound and style that was new fresh and hard to copy,  Drastik and Soulja Raw could do nothing but show their support and give Jig their blessings on his new journey. Loosing a member as talented as Jig didn't stop the group from pushing forward, it actually made them more ambitious then ever. Continuous work and dedication landed the group with their latest release on October 2, 2015 called "Double impact", which was completely written, recorded, and produced by Drastik and Soulja Raw themselves. Hard Copy is the definition of being hardworking and dedicated to having a true love for music since the early days of their youth. They began writing their own lyrics in middle school and with an innate passion for writing combined with being outspoken and natural leaders, this group of lyricists is certain to accomplish what they want. Their lyrical schemes reflect the influence of life experiences as well as those around them. Marrying their strengths, insecurities and weaknesses with the melodic element of hip-hop, it is ingenious the way they bring the truth so uninhibited, it exposes the very soul of the man. 


Juiced Up Joey

Music is her, she is music. With a father who is a former emcee/ producer and a mother who is a writer, dancer, and singer. Joelle Felder was destined to be a musician. 

Bouncing between the cities of Pittsburgh, PA and Charlotte, NC is when Joelle found her niche for music. At an early age she participated in talent shows and pageants. As she got older she attended Charlotte School for Performing Arts. While there, she began to find a love for entertainment as a whole. She took on a liking for writing, acting, visual arts and more. With her family going through a tough time they were forced to move. With their return to Pittsburgh she now had to attend a public school. 

Holding onto a dream, Joelle would write music and sing for fun. At the age of 16 Joelle was introduced to the Alumni Theater Company (ATC). Falling in love with the fact that they performed musicals, and original shows, Joelle auditioned and got accepted. While a member of ATC Joelle performed in the musical "Aida" and "I Am An Artist" where she created and performed an original piece. 

After graduating high school 2014 she realized how strong her love for the music was and Juiced Up Joey emerged. This is when she wrote and recorded her first song. Networking around the city of Pittsburgh Juiced Up Joey being to meet and link with different producers and artist. This same year she met L.A.Chae and became a member of NxLvb3l (No Label), a movement that motivates people to be themselves and love themselves.

In 2017 Juiced Up Joey linked with KK Management and Productions, LLC. Since then, her music career has taken off with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Juiced Up Joey has toured with performances not only in Pittsburgh, but Philadelphia, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and more.

Five months into the year of 2018 Juiced Up Joey has released her debut studio project "First Try" which can be found on Tidal, Spotify, and all of your music streaming sites. She has multiple videos scheduled to release within the next weeks to come, she is on a paid tour, she has landed a role in a film, and has a brand new single, which will be available for download and purchase on all your major platforms.