Take a look at some of the artist that are on our roster along with some that has received our services.

L.A. Chae

L.A.Chae Mulan, born July 6, 1994. Free spirited and not your average type of girl. L.A. has always had a passion for music and songwriting. She started off writing poems at the age of 8 and continued from there. She got into music steadily from 2005-2008. As most artist in the beginning become discouraged, so she took a break in music from 2009-2015. In early 2015 L.A. realized music was her passion, and jumped back into it by releasing a few songs on SoundCloud. Receiving great feedback from the songs was the motivation she needed to get back into the music full-time. After winning a battle of the bands competition in November of 2015 she knew she really had it what it takes. That win in the competition qualified her for the championship, where she won runner up in January 2016. From that moment forward L.A. decided that she wanted to do the music seriously.

L.A. dedicated the entire 2016 into perfecting her craft so she could improve as an artist. She is very versatile, she does not settle for just one type of genre. With making music about partying, fun, love, pain and real life situations. L.A. also makes time to prefect her craft in other areas such as producing, engineering, and fashion. She believes that an artist should not limit themselves and expand the boundaries of their mind, creatively. That way when you're exhausted with one you can turn around and explore another. 

 L.A. is currently in the process of creating a movement called Nx Lvb3L, which inspires everyone to "love themselves and be themselves", which is the motto that she lives by. "You have to love yourself first because if you do not love yourself you can never truly love someone else. Knowing who you are and being yourself is everything. You have to always stay true."


Miss Money

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From foster care to group Homes, Detention Centers to  psych wards and jails, Miss Money a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  native is breeded from these facilities. She comes from the ghettos of the Hill District and St Clair village. No saint but no Demon, Miss Money uses music as a way to touch spirits with her blended sound of "Trap n Soul". She has co- headlined for many industry names, Wiz Khalifa, Kevin Gates,Dej loaf, Fetty Wap, Lil Durk, Jadakiss just to name a few. Miss Money has also recieved direct feedback from Hip-Hop  legends Run DMC, as well as music mogul Russell Simmons. Miss Money's creativity for music landed her in Paris with  record label Madison Music Group in 2011 with Famous Artist Big Ali, which she later parted from to Trap independently. In 2015 her hit single "Celebrate" won a MSI (Music Scene Investigation) award. In 2016 Miss Money took on the red carpet in Los Angeles to recieve the Akadamia award for her street anthem "Fell in Love".  "Trappin" is the latest single from  Miss Money featuring two hot MC's also out of Pittsburgh, PA has taken listeners and critics by surprise and is blowing up! 

Miss Money's slogan is " I Cant Be Duplicated or Recycled" and she means it as she continues to challenge herself and other artist to step their bars up with each hit she makes.

Miss Money along with family and friends  started a movement, Rich Chickz, which focuses on  empowering women and children. The movement has been so powerful that it has exploded to a successful clothing brand.

" Ima keep goin and goin until aint no where to go" Miss Money said and the followers are going with her. Remember the name Miss Money, apply it, support it, She is the next Big Deal!


Asha (CoronaBiggs) Biggs, born February 13,1986. Not your ordinary girl, CoronaBiggs has a unique style. This rapper/entertainer has a voice that sets her apart from the female artist your here today. Rapping since the age of 11, also performing since the age of 15 throughout the Pittsburgh area. Featured on M-Sceazy smash hit "The Streets Ain't Safe No More" at the age of 14. CoronaBiggs has been on the music scene for quite some time. She was the only female artist to be featured on Dawkfilmzz "The Dawkumentary Vol 1." As her buzz started amongst the music scene people (fans) were starting to pay attention and want to know just who CoronaBiggs was.

While writing and working hard to improve as an artist in 2009 CoronaBiggs along with fellow femcee out of Pittsburgh Miss Money won a showcase giving them bragging rights for Best Female Artist. Since then CoronaBiggs has opened up for various artist such as Wiz Khalifa, Snootie Wild, Fat Trel, Super Star Lt, Kirkobangz, as well as Kurtis Blow. She has also been nominated for best collaboration with Miss Money for their smash hit "Getting It" at the Pittsburgh Underground Music Awards in 2009.

CoronaBiggs is dedicated to her music! Telling stories about her views on life and what she's been through. She uses writing and music as her way of dealing with life and its ups and downs.  She has various styles from rapping at a fast pace as well as slowing it down and hitting a note or two showing her singing ability.  CoronaBiggs has phenomenal wordplay play and her delivery on the track is insane. She doesn't hold back and is not afraid to say how she feels! She is very unique. CoronaBiggs is definitely an artist to keep a look out for. She is currently working on her debut EP "Murder She Wrote" scheduled for release late 2016. Her hit single "I'm Hot" produced by Mike Tomlin and Amir is now available on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

CoronaBiggs is a force to reckon with, so look out she's here to stay. CoronaBiggs is what the games been missing!
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 Hookahman aka The Black Sheep Of Rap is an upcoming Hip-Hop artist out of Pittsburgh, PA.   Being looked at as a "youngin" on the hip-hop  scene for five years strong its time he makes his mark and his presence known.

He was raised on the East Side of Pittsburgh, PA amongst the poverty stricken neighborhoods.   Later moving to the Mon Valley area, which is also a small poverty neighborhood on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. Growing up Hookahman bounced back and forth between homes of his mom and dad and  began to find solace within the streets and made them his number one priority. Hookaman always loved music. He was always into lyrical artist like KRS1, J. Cole, Beanie Siegel who are some of his top influences. With the streets taking over his life he would get a peace of mind by making beats in his home with a home studio he purchased by way of street money at the age of 14. Eventually he started writing and realized he had talent. Being the second to the youngest of four boys made him feel like the "black sheep" so he wanted to stand out. Living the street life was glorifying however short lived for him. At the age of 17 many of Hookahmans classmates and associates had fallen victim to the streets and then it hit home, Hookahman was robbed at gun point. With his life flashing before his eyes he vowed to himself if he came out of this situation unscathed he will focus on school and music.

At the age of 19 Hookahman has graduated from  high school as well as from a Technical Institute receiving a degree in Building Maintenance.  Not only is he working a career to provide for his family and live comfortably, he is ready to expose the world to his craft. He has a raw and rugged delivery with a vast variety of punchlines and metaphors. Hookahman has a versatile flow that separates him from many artist. Being compared to artist such as Montana 300 and Hopsin has been motivation to go into overdrive. Stay tuned to  Hookahman, The Black Sheep of rap as he makes his way in the game and brings the real back into hip-hop and gives it what its been missing.


Natives of Boynton Beach, FL, Hard Copy first came to prominence in 2000, when they began rapping at nightclubs in Palm Beach County, FL. The three members that originally formed Hard Copy included Jermaine Haywood (aka Drastik), Trimaine Haywood (aka Soulja Raw), and Tony Harvey (aka Gutta Jig). Hard Copy was co-founded by Terrance Shelton (a.k.a T-Felony) who could clearly see the strong talents that the three young men possessed, so he took action, and not much time had passed before recording was underway. In 2001 at only 16 years of age Hard Copy started recording their first album, "Unborn Killas" with the help of producer Robert D Guertin at Sound Great Production. A year later in 2002 horrible news was delivered to the boys. Co-founder/rap artist T-Felony was incarcerated. This news could not come at a worse time because Hard Copy was on top, selling out shows, and had a growing fan base. Unfortunately the sudden event caused Hard Copy to endure a major setback, and forced the group to stop recording temporarily because of financial hardship. Hard Copy was so discouraged that they decided to hang up the mic and focus on attending college to pursue a higher education. Despite all of the bad circumstances, they overcame it all in 2008 and continued their journey to the top of the hip-hop/rap world. Their second album, "Life of a Felon" was released on June 20, 2008 which was featured and produced by J Roc with Hard Hat Production. Their album includes hits such as "Life of a Felon" and "Lock Down". In 2012 Hard Copy member Gutta Jig decided to follow Christ and pursue his music on a different path, that path was gospel rap. Even though the three had a unique sound and style that was new fresh and hard to copy,  Drastik and Soulja Raw could do nothing but show their support and give Jig their blessings on his new journey. Loosing a member as talented as Jig didn't stop the group from pushing forward, it actually made them more ambitious then ever. Continuous work and dedication landed the group with their latest release on October 2, 2015 called "Double impact", which was completely written, recorded, and produced by Drastik and Soulja Raw themselves. Hard Copy is the definition of being hardworking and dedicated to having a true love for music since the early days of their youth. They began writing their own lyrics in middle school and with an innate passion for writing combined with being outspoken and natural leaders, this group of lyricists is certain to accomplish what they want. Their lyrical schemes reflect the influence of life experiences as well as those around them. Marrying their strengths, insecurities and weaknesses with the melodic element of hip-hop, it is ingenious the way they bring the truth so uninhibited, it exposes the very soul of the man. 
Hard copy


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Amir was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is the next to the youngest of eight children having four brothers and three sisters. With the nickname Amirdo the Weirdo growing up wasn't easy for this love ballet soulful singer. From the tender age of three he has been passed around from home to home in and out of different group and foster homes. For many foster care and homes creates a better life for children. However, for Amir it got worse before it even looked brighter. While being a warden of the state of Pennsylvania contact with his siblings and parents was far and few between. His father passed away when he was 14 years old and still in foster care, and his mother had fallen victim to drugs and alcohol.

At the age of 18 years old Amir was released from the state as a free man yet still a boy to face the world alone. Feeling more estranged from his family than ever before Amir set out to find his family and loved ones. With years of searching they all were reunited, but it wasn't the fairy tale ending he expected. Everyone seemed to be very well doing their own thing, which was very exciting. They had families of their own families now which was a joy to become apart of. Still motivated by love but hurt from abandonment Amir felt all his blessings coming and began to be at peace. After coming in contact with his mother and beginning to develop a relationship and bond sadly she passed away. Throughout the struggle and constant trials and tribulations of setbacks, love, and desertion Amir remains humble and strong. He has faced head on many obstacles where the thought of giving up on life itself was a common thought that crossed his mind. Yet he is still here standing and fighting. He was blessed with a voice for the world to hear and will not stop until just that.

A lot of Amir's childhood was spent in Homewood, one of Pittsburgh's most dangerously known neighborhoods. Surrounded by drugs, guns, and gang violence he had no choice but to develop what they call "thick skin". After being placed in an upscale Pittsburgh neighborhood, Fox Chapel. Many would have thought this was the blessing coming for Amir, but he was already adapted to the environment he came from and found himself in trouble. Amir was sent to an all male juvenile placement facility, Glen Mills where he graduated with honors landing him the Herman W. Barcus scholorship for $20,000.

While in foster care and group homes Amir was nicknamed Amirdo the weirdo by other kids because he enjoyed being alone and screaming as they called it, but to him he was purely singing from the heart. At the age of five is when he began singing. It started with him imitating TV commercials; he had nobody to play with so he would just copy what he seen everyone watching as a way of getting some attention. It paid off when he heard the song "Can We Talk" by Tevin Campbell. It was always being played and everyone always was smiling singing along, one day he began singing it at the top of his lungs and everyone became quiet, instead of telling him to "shut-up" everyone started clapping and encouraging him to sing. He would be told to sing Stevie Wonder, Tyrese, Jagged Edge, Whitney Houston, Usher, Beyonce, Dru Hill, and many more all to whom he looks at as role models of the industry . At that point he began to sing everything, even his regular conversations. When he felt down, lonely, happy, etc he would sing how he felt. While attending school Amir was involved in the school choir as well as the church choir whenever he was with a family that allowed him to attend church services.

To date Amir has accomplished so much with his music career. He has performed throughout the city of Pittsburgh, PA as well as Philadelphia, PA, Akron, OH, Baltimore, MD and many more. He has opened up for Atlantic records artist Kirko Bangz, Snootie Wild, Fat Trel, and Supa Star LT. Amir has done features with a host of artist throughout the Pittsburgh area. Currently available for download on datpiff.com is his second release, Tease (2014); also his debut release Nothing (2013 )is available for download at  reverbnation.com/amirofcourse. His most recent project "Anywhere But Here", which takes his listeners on a journey of what he has been through from heartache to contemplating suicide is now available on at soundcloud.com/amir-clemons/sets/anywhere-but-here.  

Although it was a rough start for Amirdo the weirdo, he was able to defeat the hardtimes. As today he inspires to be better than yesterday and prepare for a better tomorrow, keep your eyes and ears open as you are now witnessing a star being born... AMIR.


3K is a rap group out of the grimy streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as most young black males coming out of the inner-city they had to struggle to get any and everything they wanted and needed. 3K consist of two guys; Shizz and SmoovWon. Coming from different sections of the Mon Valley area, a small poverty section within Allegheny county of Pittsburgh, brought together on a mission of chasing a dream, music. 

They began in two separate groups; C.U.B (Cake Up Boys) and RFNFE. Over the years between these two groups they've traveled throughout the USA doing tours and opening for major artist such as Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Lil Kim, Bun B just to name a few. However, as life throws curve balls somethings come to an end.  Each of these groups parted ways.

 Finding friends and keeping them is hard to do within the harsh streets especially when money and egos are involved. Knowing one another through the streets and music for over 15 years Shizz and SmoovWon decided to join forces. They formed a pact to always remain loyal to one another, rather right, wrong or indifferent to keep it one thousand with one another and became 3K. 

Their music portrays what is seen in their everyday lives. Not only do they have a raw and rigorous flow with a vast variety of metaphors and punchlines. They can switch up from hard-core "gangsta" to straight hip-hop to making you want to dance to even toning it down so the ladies can vibe. Their versatility makes them stand out from another artist. Their authenticity and meekness keeps them grounded and in tuned with the fans letting them know they're no different than them.   

These guys are dedicated to the music and the grind to success. Their eclectic wordplay and strong delivery will have you desiring to hear more.  Real music has been away from the game for some time now and they're ready to bring it back.  

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