Those that mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind”



Kasey Hicks, professionally recognized as KoolKase is a native of the historical Lincoln-Lemington neighborhood located in the East Side section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Hicks boasted honor roll status from Lemington Elementary School, Science and Math program involvement at Westinghouse High School, and her most recent academic achievement; attaining her Baccalaureate degree in Criminal Justice from Slippery Rock University in 2007.
KoolKase attributes her ability to escape the trap of her gang related and drug infested environment to staying focused and being involved in positive extracurricular activities. This positive, zen mentality spawned her passion for musical involvement and led to the evolving of her progressively successful management company KoolKase Management and Productions. 
From childhood forward, KoolKase found peace and solace in music and fashion. Her joy in working with at-risk youth and adults labeled "lost" by society due to their environmental upbringing and giving them the hope of knowing they can achieve their dreams is in the forefront of her mission.
In 2010, KoolKase turned an unfortunate run-in with the law, resulting in two years in a Women’s Federal Penitentiary, into a period of re-evaluation and motivation to follow her dreams.
From adversity, as she had done throughout her life, she rose above the stigma of incarceration and KOOL KASE MANAGEMENT AND PRODUCTIONS arose.  Building on her desire to help people especially musical artists, models, and other entertainers to reach their dreams in a manner that the masses can relate to; finding peace by way of entertainment.  With an active mission of helping shape the future of entertainment one beat at a time; KoolKase is well on her way to reaching her goals and being a catalyst for the dreams of many.

Vice President

Tiffany Blue