Expand artist career to maximum potential by way of communicating in the best interest of artist to gain exposure with promotion, shows, releases, etc 


Giving artist the opportunity to broaden their fan base by broadcasting their talents in new cities and venues to gain new fans


Provide full service WORLDWIDE distribution..We can provide physical sales and marketing with production and manufacturing. With our solid partnerships, we are able to deliver to retailers like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, and many more. Our  digital  platform automates many distribution and administrative functions. Our platform is a content hub that connects directly to all leading on-line and mobile stores worldwide. We can provide visibility on the status of your releases, how, when and where they have been distributed, the ability to opt in and out of retail deals and review and export monthly sales reports for all retailers. We also have the ability for mobile distribution, expanding your consumer reach in the digital marketplace for  Ringtones, Ringbacks, Wallpapers, Full Track downloads and Video Ringers are being offered by carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-MOBILE.

Can provide full physical distribution services for CD's and DVD's worldwide. We have the ability to place your CD or DVD in stores such as Best Buy, Target, FYE, Walmart and more worldwide.


Oversee or assist with social networks, on-line marketing, brand integration, technology, tour marketing & development.


In association with many of the leading independent publishers in the world, we are directly affiliated with most societies around the world, a roster of world class artists and producers, along with one of the best creative teams.  We also offer the most advanced on-line publishing platform available.